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Welcome to the home page of CROSSROAD Band ,Jakarta - Indonesia.

Please just relax,while you read more information about Crossroad.

Born in August 1997, Our music styles is basicly to Classic Rock .                                                          

We are Live band in cafe,music lounge,open air stage and also Roadshow event. Crossroad is influences by many classic rock band that legend like Deep-Purple,Led-Zeppelin,Scorpion, Bad-Company,Grandfunk-Railroad,The Who,Kansas,Pink-Floyd and so many rock master including 80's rock band like Van-Hallen, Metallica etc. 


Cells :

Tommi    +628161920431

    ADHI-Vocal         TRACIE-Vocal       DAVID-Vocal

  TANTO-Guitar         ARIS-Bass         KADEK-Drum


      TOMMI                  moments                            moments

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